Thursday, February 02, 2006

Zantrip 2000 - DSP40

The warm-up for my European tour was done on my trip to see Dave Prescott on his 40th birthday. I had the first part of my gear that I needed to try out, and unconsciously I created the first of a series of medium-fi recordings all made while I'm away from my studio. It is 'mastered' to a Panasonic portable cassette recorder either through a mic input or in the open air using the built-in microphone.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

nevaDA, new hamPshiRe, ariZonA, idaHO - States of Confusion

In 1986 Dave Prescott completed two 90-minute collaborations using sound and sources that I sent him from various parts of my historical archival source tape library. What emerges is States of Confusion and States of Disarray, a vast sweeping synthesis of electronics with a delightful array of vocals and sounds intermingling and enhancing the creation. Disarray has more synthesis and less vocals and "Confusion" is more of a funky vocally whacked recording.

nevaDA, new hamPshiRe, ariZonA, idaHO - States of Disarray